Media Law


Trenholm Warren’s Media Law practice connects with IP portfolio management by working towards growth of the client’s business. We counsel clients to avoid potential pitfalls that arise in IP, advertising, and right of publicity law. Such pitfalls could lead to litigation and/or loss of income.

    • We provide counsel for clients whose likeness or persona has been appropriated without authorization. Right of publicity is not protected as a right under federal law but a claim may be brought under the laws of the applicable state.

    • Trenholm Warren counsels businesses on current advertising law and implementing strategies to avoid incurring complaints and fines from the FTC.
    • Advertising in the digital age involves modern rules that should be abided no matter the medium. These mediums include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and website-based native advertising.
    • We review advertisements before they reach they public to ensure ¬†compliance with the law. Advertising should not improperly mislead the public, which may lead to false advertising claims.

    • Defamation of character may be a written statement (libel) or a spoken one (slander). The Firm will analyze a claim, provide counsel based on that analysis, and seek appropriate remedies if possible.