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Fair or Foul? Blog Launch

Welcome to Trenholm Warren LLC’s legal blog.

Deciding whether something is fair or foul is paramount in both sports and the law. Fair use itself is a central defense to many copyright and trademark disputes. At the core of the law in general is the reality that an action may be determined to be legal or illegal; infringing or not; fair or foul.

I will be commenting here on topical events in copyright, trademark, sports, media and other related fields of law. As a former athlete and sports agent I may even write about current events in sports business as well.

I have included links in this blog to two articles I wrote that were published last year. This will give you an idea of some of my legal interests and what I will use this blog to write about. First, is my article, “GIF Gaffe,” that was published in Fordham’s Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal. That article is long but if you have an interest in sports, digital copyright, and/or media law it should be an easy read.

The second article I have linked to is a much shorter one I wrote for the SportsBusiness Journal on the same subject. Think of it as the crib notes version of my longer article.

GIF Gaffe: How Big Sports Ignored Lenz and Used the DMCA to Chill Free Speech on Twitter

What Benefits do Leagues See by Blocking Content on Twitter

– Andrew T. Warren